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Функциональность QSystem

Application for operator of QMS QSystem for OS Android.

Operator can be equipped not only by computer but a mobile device, ie, tablet and smartphone. For this case you can use a special application QOperator which works under OS Android 4.1 or later. This application is a full analogue of the virtual operator app on your computer. The functionality is identical.

The QOperator application is simple to use. When you run will be asked to log in. Previously when you first start will need to configure access to your server of QMS QSystem. By specifying the settings, go to the choice of the user and a password. Continue to serve up of visitors exactly the same as if you have a normal virtual console on your computer. That is, the operator sees the number of incoming visitor, calls them, starts working and so on. If necessary, redirects or postpones.

Screens of QOperator for settings and invited visitor

QMS QOperator on Android        QMS QOperator on Android

Screens of QOperator for redirecting and postponing

QMS QOperator on Android        QMS QOperator on Android

Screens of QOperator for list of waiting visitors and postponrd visitors

QMS QOperator on Android        QMS QOperator on Android


 How to obtain the app and test it

A full program is distributed through Google Play Market. For installing the app on your smartphone or tablet please visit a page of QOperator in Google Play.

Attention. Important note. Applications for QMS QSystem spread so solely to offer users support the project financially. All discussions are conducted in a special topic on the forum. Wishes and remarks leave there.

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