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Paper roll for service without kiosk


In some cases, a kiosk with a touch screen and a printer is not required. If the queue is simple enough, then you can put a roll with the numbers that your visitors will pick up and expect a call on them on the mainboard. It is enough for an operator to have a app for calling the next. The queue is organized in the standard way, i.e. we have a service, it is assigned to the operator, the operator calls the next one, the next number is displayed on the scoreboard. The operator can call visitors endlessly, because a paper roll can not tell the server anything. This is checked by the operator himself. If the operator is assigned a service-roll, "calling next" will create a "virtual" visitor and it will be called up.

In the service editor, the parameter "Availability of service to client" is specified as "Paper roll" and assign the service to the operator. Now if this operator has no visitors for his usual services, then "automatically" created visitors for the service with the "Paper roll" parameter will be called. We can consider such a service-roll as a service with the lowest priority of all assigned to the operator. It is best to assign such a service to a single operator and only it.


At start of work day or in case recharge paper roll we must reinit size of roll and current number. Whis initialisation could be applied from admin app or app of hall manager.


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