New version QSystem 21.1 is available!


Функциональность QSystem


Almost all configuration of QMS System can be managed by administrative component of system. That is easy. Just don't forget save changes. Look at picture below.


First of all you need configure DB. Launch the configuring DB connection by admdbcom.bat or admspr.bat(for console).

How to start admin programm: use for that StartAdmin.bat or Where are a set of pages. Some comments about them:

1. System state. You can check a state of server or registration point. Also you can see amount of clients right now in lines, list of postponed clients and black list.

2. Users and services. As you can see on the picture, this page provides configuring tree of services, list of users and here you determine a set of services for each user for working. Right button click on service into tree show you menu. Use that menu for editing the tree, configuring a service and etc.

3. Services schedule. Working time for each service can be different and include breaks. Make a list of chedules.

4. Services calendar. Make the list of calendars for services. Common calendar always present and applies for all services. Just mark off not working days. Please save the calendar after changing by button "Save the calendar".

5. Information system. It is information for reading and printing on registration point. This is tree. Use HTML.

6. Feedback. It is a list for poll on registration point. Use HTML.

7. Results and standards. Nothing special just some extra parameters. But on this page you can obtain full statistics in CSV format. Also you can form a list of results after serving a client by operator.

8. Network and Parameters. There are many parameters. Network settings, timeouts, numbering. Special checkbox for free design of position buttons on registration point. Also plugins can be configured on this page.


Save the configuration then obligatory restart the server QSystem and keep going!

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