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Функциональность QSystem



This  software component can be useful for receptionist in a waiting room or for manager.

Ресепшн для системы управления электронной очередью QSystem

Starting this component.

Reception.bat will launch reception component in Windows. for Linux. With software needs connection to server QMS QSystem. All parameters for that put in command line 

java -cp dist/QSystem.jar ru.apertum.qsystem.client.forms.FReception -sport 3128 -cport 3129 -s

-sport 3128 port of server QMS QSystem
-cport 3129 port for receiving messages from server QMS QSystem
-s adress of server QMS QSystem

Main functions of this component are putting in queue of visitors and pre-registration by phone. Also receptionist can change a priority of any visitors in queue.

The administrator sees the status of each of operators. Also administrator sees the status of all queues. In this case, a violations of the norms are displayed in the states of operators and visitors.

Complex of services is special function. It is useful in case of set of obligatory services. For example. Medical clinic and patients have to visit 5 doctors in 5 offices. They must to start from office 1, order for other offices not important, but last office must be office 5.


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