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Функциональность QSystem


QMS QSystem - a modern hardware and software system for the organization of services and distribution of visitors in waiting zones.

Then clients are coming to a room service they choosing a service on touch screen of information kiosk. After that ticket is printed. Client gets the ticket with the number of registration and reference information. Next step for the client is waiting an invitation by QMS on main or zone information board. Mostly thats all.


Software of QMS QSystem allows deploy the system on standard equipment (PCs, monitors, TV panels, information kiosks). Special experience with such equipment is not required. The equipment is easily to buy.


Java is requires. Oracle JRE version higher than 1.7 and JavaFX. Before installation, make sure that you have installed the MySQL version 5.5 or later. Encoding for the DB must be utf8. To install the software, use the instructions.

Use cases

  • Classical queue or line
  • Reception in hospital
  • Automation of the medical examination in clinics
  • Using as an interactive information stand


Capabilities, scalability and equipment

  • Using unlimited amount of stalls and kiosks
  • The number of workplaces is not limited
  • Amount of main, zonal and operator`s boards are unlimited
  • Using a LED displays. Simple to modify for using an other LED displays from any manufacturer
  • Using PC monitors and TVs as the boards
  • Extensibility functionality by connecting plug
  • Extensibility list reports by the reporting plugins
  • Possibility of appointment for getting services via the Internet
  • Centralized collection of statistics from several branches online
  • Easy deployment on thin client architecture


Information board and notification

  • Video playback on the main board
  • Content on the main, zone and operator board and operator by HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
  • Using running string on the board
  • Calling to visitors by voice
  • Sound with a choice(plugins)
  • Multisegment composite board
  • Easy configuration utility board
  • Content manager is easy for using (running strings, video sets etc)
  • Possibility of individual design
  • Ability to use zonal board
  • Unlimited number of rows call visitors
  • Calling users in multiple columns
  • Additional column for calling visitors


Registration point

  • Opportunity to give feedback about the service
  • Opportunity to obtain background information on the registration point and print it
  • Possibility of typing personal data when queued
  • Oblige the visitor to read the important information before he get in line and to print a memo
  • Pre-recording
  • The scan insurance for medical institutions
  • Multilingual interface
  • Rich possibilities of creating design


An operator's functions

  • Intuitive interface for operator with the ability to invite, remove, postpone and redirect a client
  • Client can be redirected and then returned automatically to the previous service with higher priority
  • Ability to comment about the client for operators when redirecting the client. This simplifies the handling of one client by several operators.
  • Opportunity to complete the work with the client by redirecting it into the list of postponed with a certain status. This status can be changed while the client continues to expect as  postponed. After that, operator can invite the client and continue to work with him.
  • The operator can indicate the result of working with the client at the time of completion of the work with him
  • The function of communication between the administrator and operator
  • Adaptive management priorities by operator for himself if given the authority for that by administrator


Administration and Reporting

  • Fault-tolerant. Restore the system state in the event of a power failure or software failure
  • Reporting web server
  • More than fifteen reports available
  • Ability to add your new reports
  • Prioritization of services
  • Ability to set priorities, flexible management of priority by operators for themselves
  • Administrator can change the priority for any client
  • Changing priorities services in rush hour without stopping
  • Change the list of processed service for operators in rush hour without stopping
  • Graphics module for configuration of the central board and client board
  • Interface localization for English, Russian, Ukrainian languages
  • Huge opportunities for fine-tuning


Functions of waiting room administrator

  • Monitoring the status of queues
  • Monitoring for busy the operators or not
  • Checking of violations of regulations
  • Queuing
  • Pre-recording
  • Queuing prerecorded visitors
  • Monitoring postponed and blocked users


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