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Функциональность QSystem

Software for operator

Run from the command line. For convenience, create a bat(sh) file, the shortcut can be placed in any location and double-click halp you to be happy. When using the installation package, you can specify the creation of such a shortcut on the desktop automatically. After the start, will be asked to choose a user. When you minimize the application window, it minimizes to the system notification area (system tray). Double-clicking on the corresponding icon will open the application window. The operator will be alerted when the customer comes in line. 

The operator can see the number of the client, priority and the name of his service. The operator can see a condition of the his services. The operator can receive messages from the system administrator.

The  functions of operator's software:

  • Intuitive interface for operator with the ability to invite, remove, postpone and redirect a client
  • Client can be redirected and then returned automatically to the previous service with higher priority
  • Ability to comment about the client for operators when redirecting the client. This simplifies the handling of one client by several operators.
  • Opportunity to complete the work with the client by redirecting it into the list of postponed with a certain status. This status can be changed while the client continues to expect as  postponed. After that, operator can invite the client and continue to work with him.
  • The operator can indicate the result of working with the client at the time of completion of the work with him
  • The function of communication between the administrator and operator
  • Adaptive management priorities by operator for himself if given the authority for that by administrator


When abnormal shutdown, such as hardware or software errors, re-running the client application will have a state that was at the time of unclean shutdown.


All settings for the operator software in StartrClient.bat.
-s - adress of the server QMS
-cport 3129 - port of the server QMS
-sport 3128 - port of the operator`s program for receive messages from the server QMS by UDP
-cfg config/clientboard.xml - configursation file for an operator board / not necessarily
-cfgfx config/clientboardfx.propertiesconfigursation file for an operator board for JavaFX  / not necessarily
-point 234 -  point position or number, if it is different from the configuration in administration program / not necessarily
debug - debug mode, the operator board not set to full screen / not necessarily
 -terminal - supporting for thin clients. Will be able to run multiple copies of the software on one computer operator. Network port captures only by one copy of the program, other read commands from a file on disk.
-retain - keep alive cache

Information for clients.
The operator board displays all the information about the queuing for the operator. This board has rich settings for output the basic information and the other data. Such as graphics, video, HTML-text, running text, current time, web content by URL. The settings for the operator board similar to the main board. You can use StartTabloRedactor.bat. Operator board include in the program of operator for workstation. The parameters for the operator board must present in in comand line as -cfg config / clientboard.xml. If no parameter -cfg then the operator board is off. These parameters indicate which file settings for the client to take the scoreboard. If these parameters are absent, the board simply does not appear.


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