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Registration point

Киоск регистрации для системы управления электронной очередью


Welcome.bat launch registration point of QMS. Be shure that server of QMS QSystem has been already started. The registration point requires a connection to the server to obtain the necessary data. Network settings must be present in command line in console or command file. Window of the registration point set to full screen on the touch screen and mouse tucked away. Use WelcomeDemo.bat for configuring. There is key 'debug' and scale on full screen is not happening.

And so, the computer connected to the QMS server over the network and receives all the necessary network parameters from the command line

java -cp dist/QSystem.jar ru.apertum.qsystem.client.forms.FWelcome -sport 3128 -cport 3129 -s

-sport 3128 port of QMS server
-cport 3129 port of the registration point
-s address of QMS server
You can specify three key optional extra, it debug, med and info
debug does not scale window to full screen and does not hide the cursor. All logs can be seen in the console window
med activates the profile of medical clinic
info activates the self-service for getting information only.

Settings of the registration point.
Property of the registration point are stored in the file config/ This file is loaded at startup of the registration point. Learn parameters directly in the file. The barcode contains a client identifier, which will be the ID in database.

Services and groups of services.
Services can be grouped together. Group of services key has a corresponding icon. Inclusion of groups has no limitations. If the client will open a group and go away without selecting a service, the system will return to the root state after a certain time. Services can be marked as temporarily unavailable. In with case client will have got a message about the impossibility to provide this service at this time. Services and groups can be marked as invisible, they will not be visible to the client for their choice. But user can redirect a client in a invisible service.


Arbitrary location of the buttons on the point of registration.

If your design requires a special arrangement of the buttons on the registration point, QMS allows you to configure everything what you need for this. The first thing to do is in the admin tab "Network and timeouts" select a checkbox "Free design of buttons on registration point". After that in a service settings dialog specify the location for the buttons.

Queue up for the service.
To get in line to a service need simply click the appropriate button. The service can involves special information which must be shown before getting in line (you can also print). If this queue are already more than three people (the number is configured, setting ask_limit), the system will ask you to confirm the agreement for waiting. Further, if the selected service requires to enter personal details (passport number, for example), will be prompted to type the necessary information. After that will be printed a ticket with number. If a customer leaves without giving an answer to any question, the system will return to the root state after a certain time.

The system has the possibility of appointment. Pre-registering possible by using the registration point or using the components of administration.

Getting other information.
Functional the registration point provides the client to get a necessary background information. At the same time, you can print the notes. The main information system is provided with a special button on the registration point. If necessary, this button can be hidden. If necessary, you can print the required information when reading reference. Other way, information can be obtained when service has been selected.

Functional of the registration point provides to a client to leave feedback. It provides a special button on the registration point. If necessary, this button can be hidden.

Registration point as keyboard or mouse.

Run the Welcome with key -keyboard Welcome.bat example: java -cp dist/QSystem.jar ru.apertum.qsystem.client.forms.FWelcome -sport 3128 -cport 3129 -s localhost  -keyboard

In this case keyboard and mouse will usable. Haw it works: you need to change Where are pairs <symbol from keyboard/mouse>=<ID of service from DB>. When you are pressing a key on keyboard then you will get in line to service with appropriate ID. The same with mouse. Mouse`s button send 1, 2 or 3 if mouse have 3 buttons.

For example:







... and so on. Press 'a' and go to Setvice with id=1381156225722.

You can find ID of services in Admin programm in service redactor in top right corner(or directly in DB).

When you start Welcome then small form will be open and this form need to have focus for catching events from keyboard and mouse. Every 30 seconds the form going to front and mouse is captured. It looks like mouse moves to top left corner of monitor screen.

Ability to get personalized opportunities in design and functionality.
Electronic queue management system originally designed  with huge possibilities for customization. Customized solutions are developed separately for each customer. Example individual solutions:

Индивудуальный пункт регистрации для системы управления электронной очередью QSystem



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