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Use any web browser for getting reports. The reports system is based on web technologies. For opening the main page of the reporting system need to open in your browser Where is an address of the QSystem server, and 8088 is a port. Port that is used for the reporting system is set in the program management in page "Ports and timeouts." Reports can be produced in a variety of formats such as HTML, RTF, PDF, ODS. Not all reports was localised on English because not enough attention for reports. Let us know if you interest in reports. To date, the system has the following set of reports in English:

  1. Report on current state into the context of services
  2. Report on current state into the context of operators
  3. Statistical report in the context of services for the period
  4. Statistical report in the context of operators for the period

Automatic sending a report when working day is over

When working day is over (page 'Network and timeouts' in program administration) server send a letter with report 'The load distribution within the day'. "This report can show how many customers have been served in the day and what time accounted for the largest influx of site visitors. All settings are made for automatic sending in the file config\ To enable broadcast, set mailing=true. Next, specify the parameters of your SMTP server to send mail through it.  If necessary, change the topic of letter in parameter mail.subject and specify parameter mail.content for a file with the body of the letter or just write a string for the body of the letter. The report will send as PDF attachment.

Developing new reports

It is easy. If you want a new report, then look in the folder docs, there are looking for 'QSystem reports programing.doc' but not in English. Anyway you can use other report as a template and pattern. In short, you will need to implement Interface with several methods to obtain data from the database, compose a report in the Report Designer, take care of the input of the input parameters, make a SQL script for register the report. That's all.

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