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Функциональность QSystem

Server QMS QSystem


Run from the command line. For convenience, create a bat(sh) file, the shortcut can be placed in any location and double-click halp you to be happy. When using the installation package, you can specify the creation of such a shortcut on the desktop automatically. After starting the server in the console window will display the message "Server system running" and will indicate a server activity. For open main board not full screen use key 'debug' in command line. For turning off the main board set in the configuration file config\mainboard.xml parameter visible = 0/1. Attention: When you close the main board automatically shuts QMS server.

The server of QMS QSystem includes HTTP-server. By default, startup of HTTP-server is disabled because it need not all users. HTTP-server is starting up at the same time with the server of QMS QSystem, you must restart the server of QMS QSystem with key -http 8081. Here 8081 is the port number on which the HTTP-server will work. HTTP-server accepts connections on the following addresses::

  • - /qsystem/ws - supporting websocket
  • - /qsystem/info - getting info about QMS server
  • - /qsystem/command - API for using QMS QSystem


For regular server shutdown is necessary in the console window type the command "Exit." In this case, the server shutdown the main scoreboard, stops running, and releases all resources. All temporary resource and files in the 'temp' folder are deleted. All counters and values are reset to their initial values.

Built-in HTTP server.

for starting this http server Jetty you must specify the key -http <port> in the command line. For example, the key -http 8081 tells the server to start Jetty on port 8081. After that  you can use http requests to the server, use QMS QSystem for storing content.  URL for commands is /qsystem/command, URL to obtain information anout the server is /qsystem/info. For test open locally in browser  http://localhost:8081/qsystem/info. Page opens with information about database and QMS.


When abnormal shutdown, such as software or hardware error, the newly launched server will have the condition how was before the time of abnormal shutdown. This happens when you shut down without a command «exit» in console. In case the  abnormal shutdown all current informations about queues remains in the temporary files in the folder 'temp'.

Showing of information.

QMS Server displays all information about the queues and other content on the main board. Main board has rich settings for output information. Such as graphics, video, HTML, running text, the current time, web sites.

-dfi <sec> key for starting the server will indicate the minimum pause between receiving a ticket by client and calling on the mainboard. Default is 15 seconds. It is necessary that the visitor received a ticket then step in a waiting hall and get used to situation inside. Specify the key -dfi at server QSystem startup if you want to change this interval.

Conditions for starting.

First of all you need Java7. QMS QSystem uses DB MySQL5.5. Install the DB before using QMS. If DB was launched, initialize the database by sql-script, which located in the folder 'db'. Since version 1.3.1 requires library JavaFX for Java. This library is distributed as part of JRE, but not used by default. Connecting is a copy one file from folder to folder. File <jre>\lib\jfxrt.jar copy the folder <jre>\lib\ext. In case Java8 the lib JavaFX already prepared for using without any manipulation. 


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